U.S.S. Mugford  DD389
as commissioned
Larry Johnson
Nashville, TN

modified from Kit #4-087  USS Patterson

List of Modifications

1. Removed main deck spray shields aft of forecastle
2.  Reworked bridge windows to square configuration
3.  Replaced bridge roof to original configuration
4.  Added .50 cal machine guns (2 below bridge, 2 aft deckhouse)
5.  Added original protholes to hull
6.  Relocated Gun Guard from #2 gun to forward of #1 gun
7.  Added direction finder loop and platform below bridge
8.  Added additional lifeboat, cradles and davits
9.  Added torpedo rails under lifeboat cradles
10.  Replaced torpedo workshop w/ spud locker/fanhouse and searchlight platform amidships
11.  Added catwalk from fanhouse to aft uptake
12.  reshaped #3 gunhouse, reduced 40mm tub to original size, added exhaust pipe and locker
13.  drilled out hawse pipes and attached anchors directly to chains
14.  Omitted 40mm and 20mm armament, K-Guns
15.  Rigged according to as built plans
16.  Painted in std. Navy Gray #5 and Deck Gray #20


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